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Why are girls so hard to read? (Literally Confused)

Well there's this girl I really really like(she doesn't know I like her) but she told me she's in love with my brother. Despite the fact that I was bummed out I kept trying to make her interested in me. However, I noticed something that really confused me.She never talks or tries to get my brothers attention.Instead she is always glancing/smiling and trying to be around me. she gets a little jealous if one of my friends(while joking) says I have a girlfriend or something.

Since she learned that my brother likes another girl(she heard it from himself), she treats me in a more flirtacious way.Still, when gets asked she say she likes my brother.Is she saying it to make me jealous? is she afraid of telling anyone and/or me? is she choosing between the two of us?

Why are girls so hard to read? (Literally Confused)
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