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Has anyone else ever felt like this? Or have I lost my sanity?

It's been almost an entire year since my first girlfriend dumped me "because there was no chemistry" and we only lasted a month. Dwelling on her now would just be pathetic, especially since I'm 20. I'm over her alright, I've been over her since Christmas. Despite me no longer caring, I really don't like her at all but she's moved to a different state so I no longer have to deal with her (I know I could lose my mind if I see her so I'm smart enough to stay the hell away from her).

All that being said, sometimes I remember what a good friend she used to be and the fun we used to have with mutual friends. I guess sometimes I wish I didn't hate her so much. Also, I recently had to go to the whereabouts of where she used to live which I don't normally have a reason to visit but I needed a new iPod and the closest Apple store was there. Going down there, I thought about her for a bit. It was almost nostalgic.

Also, please don't get the idea that I'm a bent out of shape ex boyfriend who is all pissed off because she dumped me. I'm just not her biggest fan because I think she's unprofessional to be honest. What I mean by that is before she dumped me, she gave me here entire dating resume (you just shouldn't do that to anyone you date) and she doesn't seem to care about the hearts she breaks of not just me but guys in general. When I tried to just be friends with her, she was lying to me compulsively and gave me so much bullsh*t. I think she has some very serious issues.

But have you ever felt like this?
Has anyone else ever felt like this? Or have I lost my sanity?
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