Why is my ex still mad at me?

we have been broken up 2 months ago from a serious year long relationship and I broke up with her because we got into a huge argument and I guess the brake up hurt her real bad but about 4 days after the brake up I told her I was sorry and I still loved her I just need a brake well then she told me she was talking to another guy and she didn't know what she wanted well the next day she calls me and tells me she's dating him she ended up meeting him after are brake up a friend of hers introduced them she broke my heart I broke down blah blah blah and from what everyone is telling me he's no prince charming at all like she's buying him drugs but my point is she still talks to my little sister there like best friends but for some reason my sister brought me up and she said she was still mad at me and what I'm wanting to know is if she's really over me and this dude is sweeping her off her feet wouldn't she not care about me like and not go out of her way to avoid me I mean she still has a grudge against me if she was really over wouldn't she be able to face me?


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  • Oh gosh, just go after her already. Obviously, you regret the fight, and it's blatant that she's only with that guy to try and get over you. It's only been two months,and after a year, the attatchment still lingers pretty strong. The fact that she still strives to keep in contact with your sister implies that she can't let you go. Plus, it sounds like it's been no peach for either of you guys.

    My advice is to make that romantic gesture that all girls want. Tell her how you feel about her, and bite the bullet. Yes, it was immature of her to latch onto a guy that quickly, but I'm willing to bet my fair share that she was just hurt.

    In the very least, get her away from the Druggy, who can do her serious harm. Plead your casse with her that if nothing else, if she won't be yours, then beg her to at least not put herself in danger dating dangerous guys.

    • Lol that is one of my biggest worries is this guy he's been to jail she bought him dope from what she told my sis and I asked or mutual friends to ask her if she's doing it and she swears on her life she not doing anything and I'm just really scared she's going to f*** up and end up in jail ya know???

    • Honestly, sit down with her and talk to her about this. Call her up and implore her to meet you somewhere- like Starbucks for coffee- so that you guys can talk. Choose a public place so that she won't feel akward if it's just the two of you. It sounds to me like you two need to have a serious conversation.

    • Lol thank you so much for ur help

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