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Can you EVER gain guy's interest back?

This particular guy and I attend the same university. A little over a year ago I told him my feelings for him. He was flattered but said he wasn't looking for a relationship and just wanted to be friends (basically, I think I scared him away). So this past summer I went without contacting him for a long time (wanting to really get over him/ work kept me busy). He texted me out of the blue but I didn't text back (phone was broken). Eventually I got a new phone and we started texting each other recently (no flirty texts, whatsoever).

I think I do still like him (a little). My question is when a guy states that he isn't interested in a girl, is that the way he will feel from then on? Or can a guy ever gain interest in a girl again? What can I do to gain his interest back or is it a lost cause?

Thanks Folks!
Can you EVER gain guy's interest back?
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