I like girl she work in subway! How can I talk to her !?

i like girl she work in subway .. I went there many times then I liked her then I start talk to her nice and she make my sandwich .. then one day I asjed her what kind of candy you like she said I like chocolate I don't like candy .. choclate she said I don't know why I said just Question .. then next time I brought for her chocolate then when I gave it to her she said thank you but I can't take cause then she not talk and she was watch to other workers inside I put it in the cashier then leave next time I asked her How is chocolate she smiled and she said I don't know I said why she said I told you I can't take I'm not eat it .. I said what you doing with it you throw it or gave it to somebody she said I gave it to customer then I said WOW this customer lucky she smile and I said to her what he said it was good or not she smile and said I don't know .. then I said to her I'll give you something else for give it for your customer then she smiled then supervisor came then she leave !

i was asked her before you have boyfriend she said no

now guys what you think about this !

what I have to do !

can I try with her or forget her !

there are some gilr shy like this or hard !

guys I like her

help me guys ! :(

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yeah but her coworker he knows about me and he funny guy and she smile with him and talk about me a little

I can't catch anything about this !
+1 y
ok ..

can I fix this trouble !
I like girl she work in subway! How can I talk to her !?
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