Dress not to be noticed?

Do other women besides me actually try to look "ugly" or not trendy so they don't get too much energy draining attention or so they don't get sexual attention?

Serious question...

I meet a lot of people and I do not have polite energy for all of them so I actually "chase" people away in a sense? Do other women do this too?
Yes, sometimes I just want
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I feel no obligation to be nice to anyone!
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Yes, I don't like a lot of attention.
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NEVER!!! I love attention!!!
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I just wanted to see the results.
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This is not meant to judge anyones style or reasoning for their style. It is simple a question of do you always try to stand out or look your best or do you feel content being anonymous at times without all of the social to do. Thanks
Dress not to be noticed?
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