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Ok Guys, cheater or not? Let me add I'm not boring or ugly. I had no idea he would ever do this!

Alright guys need your input! I am currently married for two years. But, 2 years ago (4 months before our wedding) I was checking my phone bill and noticed my husband had texted an unfamiliar number from noon until he arrived home that night from work. (I saw the texts the day after). So I called the number and it was a girl. I called my fiancé at the time and asked who it was and he said a friend I used to work with a long time ago. I called his bluff and said no she isn't I already called her. He became panicked and was pissed. I didn't tak to her I only did the wrong number call. He hangs up and calls the girl. That night he swore the friends thing so I asked for his phone msgs were gone. So I text her from his phone and saidsomething along the lines of she knows so don't text me anymore. Of course the girl texts back and says what? We didn't do anything. Duh I know he has told her to keep her mouth shut. I work for a public safety agency and I'm good at going off instinct and bluffing so I found out who she was and made up some story that he told her I was his crazy ex and e admitted it saying that he was embarassed that I called her. Anyway I knew something was up and had no proof. He wrote me letters and emails telling me the msgs were innocent and he wants to get married it was dumb to delete them but his inbox was full. We both had kids from prior relationships and had been living together for about 9 months. He even went so far as to say it was all in my head. Obviously I fell for it and married the guy and we just had a baby and I recently was told the truth from the girl. She had all the msgs and sent them too me. They dated years ago and she was just saying hi. Well from there it went to him asking for a pic and she sent it of herself in bra and underwear. He told her he was single. He then sends graphic msgs about hooking up what he is going to do to her and they agree to meet to f$$k. I ask about the msgs of course again they were innocent I tell him I've seen them then he partially admits to a few then says he did tell her they should f$$k but they didn't because I busted them the next day. But the girl says she thinks its my husbands job to tell me what happend because he adimantly denies it and makes threats that he will sue her for lying (haha). I asked where they were going to do it and at first he says I don't know a car? Then they did have olans but now says he only said that because he can't remember what he said and I read it then he thought it was what he said. Now its taken me a week to even get him to admit to the txts.

He tries the well what did they say?I'm not giving him the details obviously because he needs to man up.

Let me just say too he has always lied about random stupid sh*t. So I wanna know what you guys think! Did they sleep together? Did they just have olans and now he won't admit? I call it cheating. He says he is diff now. He was immature. Do these guys change?
Ok Guys, cheater or not? Let me add I'm not boring or ugly. I had no idea he would ever do this!
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