Is he interested? Asked him out and he said he'll have to see what's going on?

I asked him to grab a beer the following week. We've been out once for coffee. He said he'll have to see what's going on but he may have free time this weekend. Am I reading into this too much? Is he interested?


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  • He's not dis-interested. That's about as much as you can say for now.


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  • He probably does either have a few thing to do and see if he has time, or he could have said that as to not seem too eager but is actualy excited, or he could just not want to hurt your feelings and say no. But it would be hard to tell until you get his answer and see what happens after if he does say no. Which if he says no it could also mean he's bussy. So definitely too early to say for sure. I think if he didn't like you though he would just say he would be bussy and couldn't.

  • hmm sorry but he doesn't sound to interested. If he was interested he would have asked you out first and he also would have told you another date


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