Could/is she still interested in me?

Hi. I'm a 41 year old male who works as a custodian at a graduate university. About 2 months ago I started noticing this 25 year old female student giving me those "quick glances" where you catch them looking at you and they turn away. I first thought not much of it. I figured I was 41 and I've had a steady girlfriend now for close to 9 years. Things started changing though as the weeks went by. I clean a lab during the day and so I'm working around these students most of the time. I started to notice that she would be standing near me when I would be cleaning a sink out, smiling at me. She also walked by me singing, "talk to me." One night I was dumping trash. I noticed her by her locker. As I got closer to her I saw her kinda look my way. As I got next to her she made a grunting noise like she was having trouble with something in her locker. I thought about stopping to ask if she needed help, but, I just thought about it, and I kept walking…really because I was nervous that she "might" like me. I know, I'm 41 and should be more mature, but I was always shy and kinda quiet, and she is very cute, so I just kept walking. I noticed her room mate and her would spend a lot of time in the lab after hours working on stuff. One night as I was dusting off the head lamps at each desk (130 desks) when I got near her desk she asked me if I had to clean off all 130 lamps. I stopped and told her I did, but I wasn't sure about the LCD screens at each desk. She asked my why, and I told her about static electricity from the rag possibly blowing out the screen from the static. She asked me then to "explain it" to her. I did then.

I told her I already had my 2 year degree, but wasn't sure about a major yet, and I was having trouble deciding. She tried helping me by explaining how she might do it. We then got on the subject of my supervisor and I explained how rough he was to work for. She gave me some advice on how to deal with him, and I told her I would have trouble doing what she advised me to do. I told her that "I wear my heart on my sleeve." She then said she was the same way. She then explained how her parents were poor, and how tough it was for her to do what she was doing. I then said I had to get back to work, and she said it was nice talking to me.

Her room mate asked me one night if I had kids, was married, or had a girlfriend. I said no to kids and married, but told her I kinda had a girlfriend. I knew it was wrong about the girlfriend, but we have been going through a rough time. She wants me to move out of my mom's home and possibly marriage. My mom though is semi-retired, and has two bad knees and a recent hip replacement. My brother and sisters are all married and I'm the one left carrying the load at home. If I'm not at home my mom isn't in the house. She has a 1400/month mortgage and other bills. So it's mainly money issues. My girlfriend has told me recently that if I want to stay at home then that's fine, but she's out of the picture then. The girl stopped coming by now


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  • You are a custodian who lives with his mother at 41 years old and you kinda have a girlfriend.

    There is a 25 year old woman coming on to you?

    Is this the twilight zone or what.


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