Guys and girls was I wrong to do this?

My boyfriend asked me to spell the word " Darling" for him while he was sending someone a text. Turn out that he was sending a text to his cousin as he claimed. now do you think I was wrong to asked him about it, do you think I was wrong to assume that he was sending a text to some girl calling her darling.. just want to know if such a situation would cause you to raise the eyebrow.

and guys would you blame your girlfriend to asked such a question if you were in that situation?


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  • I think if he was texting a girl and calling her Darling, and he asked you how to spell it, he would be the dumbest guy on the planet.

    The fact that you thought this was possible, even for a minute, means you're either one of the most paranoid people around, or you have zero faith in his intelligence. In other words, you think he really is that dumb.

    Either way, it doesn't say much about you as a girlfriend.

    If I was him, and you asked me about something like that, I'd smack you across the head and tell you to cop on to your dumb self.

    • You would be surprise how people use reverse psychology. Just as you say it, why not do it in front of her of cousre she would not think I'm that dumb..

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  • Assume puts an ass between You and ME.

    Yes you are wrong. You're a controlling suspicious b*** and should be slapped down for even thinking like that. If you can't even answer a simple spelling question from your hubby without assuming that he is out to hurt you and cheat on you - then you do not deserve the man. You should be alone with yourself - that way you will never have to interact with other people.

    • I never accused him, I simply was curious so I asked why as I was curious.. simply. why would I jump to accuse him before knowing why, I'm not crazy you know...

    • Nah. All people on the internet are Crazy. Take me for example. Raving nutters.

  • Um, yeah, if my wife called one of her cousins "darling" or "sweetie" or in her language "qin ai de", I would be like WTF?

    Not saying it's not possible, but I never heard that.

  • well I would ask who he was sending darling to, but not accusingly just sort of joking.I would expect her to answer and then drop it. If her answer sounded plausible. If I thought she was cheating before I would look into it some more though. Like if she did it before or I heard something from a friend.

    I think if you were accusatory you may have handled it wrong.

    On another note a girl I was dating would hopefully know how to spell "darling" lol jk.

  • Not at all - Any person in a relationship would ask who are you sending that to..


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  • No I don't think you where unfair to question him, it just depends on how. If you asked calmly, then fine. If you completely went off, crying, screaming and swearing...then maybe you overreacted ;)

    • no, I'm always very calm and he knows that, I simply ask and he was very calm in responding, he asked me questions too, and its not a trust issue of 100% we were both hurt in our previous relationships but we don't go screaming at each other.

  • If he had anything to hide, he wouldn't have asked you to spell it. But it's no biggie that you've asked.

    • I agree. I will add that worrying about someone cheating (or accusing them of it) can lead to it. Unless your man is just a slut, the way to keep him from cheating is keep him happy mentally and physically.