Would a guy lie to his friend when asked if he liked anyone?

Two days ago, a mutual friend of my crush and I found out I like my crush. He stayed over my crush's apartment a few weeks ago and asked him if he liked anyone... to which he said no.

The mutual friend and my crush have known each other since last year, as they were classmates in many classes. They aren't too close, as they never really hung out, outside of classes. I met my crush last April, and met our mutual friend in September.

The thing is, our mutual friend seems to be into me. My crush has even pointed this out (a bit jokingly, and showing subtle jealousy) and it seems obvious to me and my friends.

My crush is very shy and reserved, and has never been in a relationship.

I was wondering if 1) he was just being honest by saying he didn't like anyone. 2) lied because he knew our mutual friend is into me 3) our mutual friend is lying to me

And if my crush was into me, would he back off knowing one of his friends liked me? Even if I've known my crush longer? (and have shown interest to one another?)

I forgot to mention that our mutual friend has been telling me to give up on my crush, as he thinks he might not be into me. My crush acts very, very awkward (sometimes stutters) and weird around me, but the friend is saying he's always like that (he's naturally a shy guy, but the way he is around me is a bit too awkward...)

I had a bit of confidence that he liked me, but after hearing what our friend had to say, I'm not so sure anymore.


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  • Yes it is possible that both 2 & 3 on your list is a possibility,I certainly don't think he is being honest by saying he didn't like anyone.

    Now you need to make a move if you really like your crush if he decides to back off for his friend, you need to also make it clear to mutual friend that there is no possibility you would want to ever explore with him, also if your crush is reserved he may think to never to share his personal feelings to someone he knows only for a year.

    So once again I would strongly recommend to initiate communication if your crush doesn't about how you feel, get it out in open, you may be hurt but it's like ripping off the band-aid. And what it sounds like your crush is in to you as he mentioned his friend's interest in you with subtle jealousy so you may be in for a sweet surprise if you only open the lines of communication with him.

    Good luck & rock his world.

    • I have told our friend that even if I didn't like my crush anymore, I won't want a relationship with anyone for at least a while (like around a year). I mainly said this to imply that he had no chance even if things went wrong... Do you still think he has hope?

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    • Okay, thanks for your input :) I really like my crush, so I'm going to tell him how I feel. At least, then, I'll know I tried everything I could.

    • Excatly,

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  • Don't give into what your mutual friend says as he sounds like a party of interest as he is interested in you, he sounds like a person who wouldn't hesitate stabbing his friend in back to be with you. I would be very afraid of disloyal people like that.

    • I would like to believe our friend isn't like that... he's a good guy. Thank you for your answer! I'll keep this in mind :)

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