Does he like me? Are we going to kiss?

Okay, so I have known this guy since like May, but we started really talking a few months ago; and he asked me out so we went on a date to the movies, I really liked him by then (he was always telling me how cool I was, and that I was really cute). In our date he seemed pretty nervous and whenever he tried to hold my hand he pulled away, but by the end of the movie he held my hand. I let go of his hand at the end of the movie because I really don't like pda haha. So then we went to eat ice cream and nothing else happened . But then via text he told me that he had to tell me sth and that it couldn't be over text because he needed to ask me something too. But he traveled and when he came back he told me he was organizing some stuff and that he would tell me later. And it's been a month and he hasn't told me anything and there are days when he's really nice and he flirts a lot with me, but there are days when he's pretty nice. We're going out this weekend. Will we kiss? Does he like me?


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  • Lol.. how the heck are we supposed to know if you're going to kiss. If you want to do it, go for it yourself. It'll surprised him, but its rarely a bad thing, and yes it sounds like he does like you. And whatever it is he has to tell you is probably something about his feelings which is why he's taken so long to say something.