Does my guy friend actually like me?

I have this guy friend who have known for years. I worked with him everyday for about six years. About four years ago he kissed me at a party. I liked him ever since then and there was always something between us. Almost two years ago I got another job and I was seeing someone so me and him didn't talk. I had lost his number over time and he had been calling me a lot but I didn't answer because I didn't know it was him. Finally one day I answered and he talked to me for like an hour and said we should go out for drinks one day. Less than two weeks after that conversation he broke up with his girlfriend of two years. He started asking me to go out a lot and texting me when he was out. My friends tell me he gets excited when I come out and he tells them he is going to tell me to come out. He's ask me to come to come out for his birthday on Facebook. he didn't ask anyone else on Facebook. I went out on his birthday without my boyfriend because my boyfriend didn't want to come out. I was talking with this guy that night he was asking me if I was happy and all of a sudden he says " how come I feel like you want to make out with me?" He was saying there was always something between us and he was mentioning incidents in the past like him kissing me. Later that night he apologizes for trying to seduce me and says he just wants me to be happy and kisses me on the cheek. He send me a text the next morning saying "sorry about last night I was being a complete ass." I just don't know if he likes me or if he was just drunk and saying anything.


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  • It looks to me like he likes you. He went out of his way to call you multiple times, even when you didn't answer. He then breaks up with his girlfriend, which may or may not have been influenced by you. But then he starts asking you to go out and texting you a lot which definitely means he likes you at least little bit. You guys have known each other for a long time and the fact that it sounds like when you hang out there is something there, there's a lot of chemistry, it makes me believe that he does actually have feelings for you.


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