My ex gives me mixed signs, then doesn't talk to me. Please help!

About a month ago me and my ex were on good terms. He would come over and we would hang out and have a great time together. One time we were outside I was laying in the grass while he had his head resting on my stomach. We were having a great chat. He asked me if I like any boys. I was kinda surprised he asked that, when just weeks before we had said we liked each other. I told him the truth, there was this guy who is practically his best friend, I told him I liked one of his close friends, but I didn't give him the name, because I didn't want him to laugh or anything. I told him I asked him out and we had talked a lot online, but he declined nicely and we were just friends. My ex said he would have been mad at me and his friend of we would have dated. What does that mean, why would be mad? There are also a few other things that have me baffled. After that conversation I started crying, because I wanted to be with him, I just didn't tell him that. I told him I just was tired and pmsing. He put his arm around me and rubbed my shoulder, he also wiped my tears away with his thumb. He then let me cry on his shoulder. Before he left I asked if we Could kiss, he told me no. I then asked if we could kiss on the check, he said yes to that. I kissed his check and he gave me a big smile after. That night I texted him and the first thing he asked was how I feeling. A few days later I asked him what was really going on between us and he said it was best for us to be friends and it wasn't healthy for me to be in love with him since he didn't feel the same. I told him I couldn't really shut off my feelings for him and he said we shouldn't talk very much. The day after I told him a secret I have never told anyone before he listened and was helpful. I told him I was glad he was there for me like that, and he said that's what he was there for. He the told me who he liked later that night. I was kinda hurt, but I didn't say anything. Then a few days later I couldn't take it so I told him to stop by my house after school. When he walked threw the door he knew something was wrong. I told him I was hurt again, and that I loved him, and that I was sad a lot and that I Just wanted to be happy again. I sat there and cried while he stood there with sadness In his eyes, he kept biting his lip and looking at his feet. What did his body language mean? I told him I was sorry, and he said it wasn't my fault. Later that night we got in a fight about it and he said he was leading me on and he wanted me to be happy, and he was only prolonging it for me. The next day he said he didn't want to talk. I then thought things were getting better for us after about a week, when I old him I couldn't stop thinking about us and he told me, that is why we shouldn't talk. What does he mean? It's confusing, and it makes me hurt and upset.


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