Why do older people ask these questions over and over?

Do you have a boyfriend? (Answer: No). You are so pretty. I can't believe you're not married. When are you going to get married? (Answer: ?). I don't understand and it drives me crazy. Yes I know I'm 25, almost 26. I dress up the way that I do because I like to dress up. I've been doing that since I was 5 when I first started going to church. So what if I am the only single/unmarried girl at church who is as old as I am? I don't know anyone my age! It doesn't help that I'm shy either. I will not try online dating-don't want to meet a creeper. I know that the "clock" is "ticking." In case you haven't noticed I don't have much of a choice-4 guys. All of the 4 guys at church are either younger than me or attached already or both. One of them I know for sure is 18. (Um not even close to my age.) The organ player has a girlfriend. The piano player recently got his degree (fits into the category of younger than me). The music director is 23 (Closest to my age but younger than me-he's the one that angles his body towards me. He has also been known to stare. O.O I think he's creepy. He doesn't talk to me. :/) (They don't know this but the one I liked and thought liked me went back to his home state. He did talk to me. He was 27. :( ) I've pretty much given up. I don't have a teaching job yet and you're asking me these questions frequently? Is it possible they know something I don't know. What is with these people? Please enlighten me.


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  • Older people are just obnoxious sometimes. They are not in our generation and don't understand the hardships.. they think that things would go the same way as it went back then to them.. you either have to take it or express that you would like to keep this topic away from the conversation.


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