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A frined gave me some advice on how to get this girl I like... I put up A post earlier about me asking her out twice and each she said no. I figured out that at the time she broke up with someone and was just not ready to date again. And I foud out (through her two best friends) that she probably likes me and even they say I should ask her out. so I was going to but I figured I had to be cute and nice about it and not just say do you want to be my girlfriend. So a friend gave me a pretty sneaky and adorable plan to ask her out. its a little devieas but its unbeliveably brilliant and cute. Here it is:

I get ahold of her cell and change my name to future boyfriend, and I call her. I ask her if she wants to be my girl and before she gets to respond I tell her EVERYTHING I like about her. not leaving out one small detail. I let her know what I want in a relationship and tell her its what she wants and what she has been looking for. And after that I ask her if she will be my girlfriend.

(she doesn't have service at her house...)

REVISED EDIT: ask her out on a date, pickpocket her phone and change my name. turn up her ringer really loud and when we are leaving tell her to wait a moment. I get on my phone when we are in the car or before we leave and shoot her a text saying everything from the first plan. that way when we are about to leave or on our way back to her house to drop her off she reads it right next to me.

Well what do you girls and guys think? honest answers (haha). is it cute and adorable or just way over the top? should I do it or shouldn't i? what could be better or would could change? Guys would you try this or girls would you like your crush/BF do this for you?

For the first two people who commented, she's also a pretty close friend. and and as far as I know she loves it when I'm around her. and she doesn't mind too much about personal space with her phone. she lets me use it anyway. and I let her use mine. in fact many times I go through her locker in school to place an Arizona in it ( kiwi strawberry... its her favorite) and she knows I have gone through it by the end of the day from the drink. :)

and she doesn't mind that at all.


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  • that does sound pretty cute, but it's possible if she doesn't really really like you she may feel a bit uncomfortable reading it right next to you

    so just be sure she likes you first


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  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. would you be stupid enough to fall for that advice? she will freak out. not only have you invaded her personal space you have stolen her phone, gone through private information (her phone) and invaded her privacy. she will run in the opposite direction. someone here is trying to set you up. just be cool and ask her on a date or casualy ask if she faces getting lunch or hanging out.


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