How to attract a guy if you're overweight?

I'm 5 feet 7 about 170 lbs. Cute face, and smile. Trying very hard to loose weight but I can't because of a medical condition. Early 20's never even been kissed, horrible online experience.

Guys I like are cute, go to the gym sort of guys...not super fit like the hulk or anything.

I'm also Indian and like only white guys pretty much.

I was born and raised in the west some I'm not like fresh off the boat or anything.

Issue is I don't look like a 'BIG girl" lol

One of my guy friends said I looked "a little above average not like really fat"

and even I see that when I look into the mirror.

Its because I'm relatively taller

Even my gf's are surprised when they find out I'm a size 12 because they think I'm an 8 or 10.


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  • Well from what you described, I like you already, since I happen to like women from that part of the world.

    Sadly, though, guys around your age are still caught on having only skinny girls, and ignore overweight girls, regardless if their face is very pretty or if they have great personalities. Still, it's not hopeless, just get out there more, be friendly to everyone. Eventually you'll find a guy who sees you attractive and will ask you out.


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  • Anyone can lose weight with a good diet and exercise it just takes the mindset of I can do it. Calories burned + good diet = Losing weight.

    With that said honestly I doubt its your weight I know plenty of big girls that get plenty of guys. Try doing things that boost your confidence. Go do girlie things, shopping for new clothes, spend some time at the gym. Guys will really notice the effort.

  • Well... Find guys who are into that, lower your standards, or find ways to lose weight. Sorry but I'm just being honest, I'm saying what those guys are thinking. Regardless of the medical condition.

  • whats your medical condition? pm me if you don't wanna talk in the open?

    • thyroid condition.

    • you should be able to get that fixed? I believe there is medication for that isn't there?i would look into that first thing. after that just really be careful what you eat and exercise daily. you should have at the very very least 30 minutes a day wehre your heart is beating faster than normal. if you don't like running then bike, jump rope, swim. there's lots of options. it will take a lot of hard work and dedication but its doable. keep at it and never give up.

    • link

      work your self around this site and see what you learn. join up on the forum and ask around. there's a womens only section where they won't be mean or make fun of you at all. I'm not sure how to find guys that like bigger girls. but my uncle married my aunt and he's like 150 lbs and she's pushing 300 so they are around.

  • it sounds like you just may need to assert yourself more as a sexual being, really show guys that you are interested in being in a relationship...of course the difference between this and desperation are a fine line

  • You need to start liking guys who are equally attractive as you. That is your first problem.

    Wait, that is your only problem.

    • I know I'm pretty not being conceited.

      And I don't look like a "big girl" read the update above.

      That's what I don't get.

      I see girls bigger than me have bfs, and their decent looking.

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    • I have 34 DD so that can't be it, I'm funny, and I do dress fashionably.

      And I'm not aiming for super models, just decent guys even a little bit taller than me and cute, and that are fun to talk to.


      Maybe I should set my standards even lower, but I've tried and I just don't feel like forcing something.

    • its usually tons easier for a girl to meet a guy. Can't guarantee a great guy, but tos tons easier.

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  • Go for guys who are overweight, chubby chasers. Problem solved.

  • Dress really nicely, cute girlie clothes

    Always have your hair lazy day ponies, you need to make use of those styling tools

    Wear makeup

    Paint your nails

    Really all girls should be doing this but when you're bigger you do kinda have to step it up to compensate

    Oh and having a friendly charming attitude helps too