Boyfriend ignores me when he's mad

My boyfriend of 6 months, who for the most part treats me well, becomes a whole other person when he is mad or stressed. What I feel is not a huge deal, sends him into a spell of completely ignoring me. I can call or text numerous times, and I get nothing in return He says to just leave him alone and not bother him.. I can't stand not talking things out and it hurts me that he can treat me like my feelings don't matter when its obvious I'm upset. Is this an indication he lacks respect for me or the relationship?


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  • Been there, done that. Dumped her for it. If I'm mad or hurt I'll tell my partner about it rather than lash out and try to hurt her feelings by ignoring her. I won't hurt her intentionally and I won't stand for being hurt that way. To me, it feels like a controlling mean thing to do.

    • He's 42 and has high blood pressure problems, He uses this excuse when he ignores me. I don't want to fight...I try to talk and he gets worked up so damn quick

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    • It's hard. I'm 40 recently divorced and the choices are limited. Not that I would stand for abuse, but without sounding disrespectful, the single men who want a 40 year old woman with 3 kids aren't plentiful and many men have issues I can't deal with. This guy and I get along great normally...but damn does it change quick

    • Gotta do what you gotta do, but he's in the wrong. Who knows, maybe you can get him to stop.

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  • When I'm hurt I just want to be alone. I can understand that. I don't want people to see me hurt or vulnerable. I can also understand pushing you away if he is upset, a little bit of affection may be all that's needed for him to break down - which he won't want you to see. Catch 22 - you don't want your girlfriend to see you crack, but she might actually bring that about just by being loving.

    Don't worry about it if you think I may be on the right track. Give him space if he needs it, but be there like a shot when he needs you. He'll come around.

  • Cold and silent treatment... passive aggressiveness is what it is.

    • yes! He might get angry at first, but instead of resolving things, he just turns cold. I have no idea if we are breaking up...or just in a fight.

    • How long does this "ignore" situation last?

      It could be that that's how he feels comfortable dealing with problems rather than lashing it out and saying stuff one might regret later on.

    • t varies. I usually am pretty persistent and bug until I get something from him...which is usually his just leave me alone...then he ignores. Who knows..if I didn't keep calling it could last days. I would say a day or two. Meanwhile, I'm hurt, crying, confused.

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  • Stop do what you do to irritate him, he sound like he have some issues to wrk out.

    Step outside the circle, see things his way as well as your way and come to a rationalize decision, which will be mutual.