Has anyone ever ignored you then begin to flirt with you? How did you respond?

Let's say it's someone you don't know well, but see them from time to time. For whatever reason you start liking (NOT IN LOVE or OBSESSED with them, but an innocent crush.)

You light-heartedly begin to tease them a little (nothing crude or sexual - who does that?!) then you realize that person is both avoiding and ignoring you.

Tim goes by and you start getting hints from this person. What do yo make if it? I am currently going through this with this girl and it boggles my mind. lol

Thanks for the advice!


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  • A guy did this to me. We had a lot of common friends and I guess you could say a moment early on in the school year. We would usually end up hanging out together in groups but rarely talked and he always was trying to help/care for/protect me but never any of the other girls in the group. I never thought much of it till I was walking back to campus with a bunch of people when his best friend and I got separated from the group a little bit. He kept asking me what was going on between the 2 of us and got frustrated that I didn't know what he was getting at. Later I ended up walking through sprinklers and said something about being wet and he then yelled to see if the guy heard.

    Anyways I asked him on a date a few days later and he kept saying no but then asked me instead. It was really nice and we ended up hanging out a few times after that and eventually started fooling around.

    See his problem was that he's shy and awkward around girls. So this girl could feel shy and awkward around guys. You just need to make the first move.


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  • Maybe she got shy and nervous. That's why she started ignoring you.

    • Sorry falmes542. Your picture is a fake. I've seen that pic around here a few times

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