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I'm tired of fighting all the time

We've been together just over a year and I moved in with him in October.

I'm sick of being screamed at and him showing 0 interest in compromising or making the situation better. It's always just him yelling that he didn't do anything wrong, and I'm an "idiot/retard/baby" if I don't just flat out accept it as-is.

This whole week he’s had his stupid golf buddies over. It’s my long week at work (once a month I work for 7 nights in a row and I don’t work out or anything because I’m conserving my energy). He had one of his friends over three nights in a row. He could tell I was tired of being ignored—they sit outside and smoke and drink beer all freakin’ night ‘til the wee hours of the morning, after I have to leave for work at 11pm. I quit smoking years ago and can’t stand being around it. Besides, even when I do go out there, they blather on about stupid crap from when they were in high school or college, people and events I can’t relate to, and I end up feeling left out anyway.

Anyway, he caught on that I was feeling resentful being ignored all week. So last night, drunk, he said “you’ll have me all to yourself this whole weekend—I promise. I’ll be here when you get home in the morning.” I said “I have to sleep tomorrow.” He said “I’ll be here waiting for you when you wake up, too.” I said I wanted to go to the movies, and he said “I want to see Lincoln, I think you’ll like it. We can see whatever you want to too.” I was excited and said “Okay!”

I came home this morning and fell asleep. I woke up after a few hours and he was home and I was happy. Not 10 minutes after I woke up and was moving around though, his stupid friend comes over again. I rolled my eyes and said I was going to take a shower, and when I got out, they were gone! I texted asking if he forgot I had him to myself and he said “you will. I’ll be back before 6. I figured you’d be sleeping most of the day.” I texted “by 6? Where are you?”

He called me saying he was at the country club (of course!) and then had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to come join them and have a drink and watch them play golf! I said “NO” and he said “why not?” I said “I just don’t” and he started getting upset and pushing for a reason. I said “because I’d rather f***ing die than go there, I can’t think of anywhere else in the world I’d rather go than that stupid place, that’s why.” He said I was being and idiot, and hung up on me. I texted saying “I’ve spent the last 3 nights of my life watching you and your friend drink, smoke and talk about stuff I can’t relate to. Excuse me if I don’t want to do it again on the day that you’re suppose
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to be ‘waiting for me when I wake up’ when I haven’t slept past 2 pm on a single Saturday since we met.”

Then I put my phone in airplane mode and went to sleep on the couch because I didn’t want to read his self righteous defensive response. Well, then he didn’t come home ‘til after 8, AND had his friend with him. He said he figured I got mad and left, since I wouldn’t answer my phone, and he went out to watch the stupid Broncos game at the country clubhouse. I said he should do what he
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says he will, and should have come home at 6, and he started SCREAMING at me that I’m an idiot and an immature baby and he didn’t do anything wrong.

So he took me out to eat for stupid tacos, which I hate, because it was the nearest place he could watch the end of the game, and we didn’t talk the whole time and I left twice to go to the bathroom and cry.

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Then tonight before work I broke down and started crying again while he was sleeping and he woke up and demanded to know why, acting like he cared. When I told him it was him screaming at me, and my hopes being ruined again by him not doing what he says he will, he started screaming at me again saying it was my fault for turning off my phone. He said “if that’s really why you’re crying, then this is getting a little old.”
I'm tired of fighting all the time
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