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Trying to be there for my depressive girlfriend

I've been with my girlfriend for 7 weeks now, I've known her for a couple of years through friends but only got her number a year ago which I've always joked about as what happened. We have been seeing each other for 8 months though

She was sat there on her own at a bar so I left the other and joined her, she told to F off but I ignored her, she kept pushing me away to a point where she threatened me with a bottle, I stayed and at the end of the night I asked for her number.

Text over the following weeks and met up a couple of times, she was distant so it was hard but I kept trying. Then one week I tried to find out what she thought of me, she said I like you but that's it, we talked a little more, then she told me to F off, leave her alone and not to talk to her, this was hard but I did. 3 months later I saw her out, she apologized and said she regrets that text to this day and said she had a lot going on then.

Theres been times where she pushes me away, one was when she was with her dad and they had an argument, she told me to go home but I wouldn't, but then she properly broke down and begged me to go, it was hard for me leaving her like that but I thought it was best. I spoke to her after and then a couple of days later we were fine again.

Saturday we were out and she randomly started crying when I was talking to her saying I was too good for her and that I could find better, everyone thinks that and she doesn't want to lose me. She's waiting for me to leave her at any given time. Even though I've assured her that if we break up it will be her doing it as I'm standing by no matter what. She had a massive break down that night, she snapped at her mom, at me and pretty much everyone who spoke to her, She walked off from me and when she didn;t come back 30mins later I assumed she gone so I went home. I recieved a text saying "I've been a bitch to everyone tonight, if I have to you I'm sorry". I text her back saying everything was fine between us and I hold nothing against her.

I text her the next day asking if she wanted to come over - No, I asked if last night had anything to do with me - no

I said I hope you feel better soon anyway to which she then snapped at me telling me to leave. So I left it a couple of days and asked if she wanted to go out, she said No, I don't want a repeat of sat, and I guarentee that'll happen. So I said come over instead and she said it won't make any difference I'm still not sane. I said OK if you change your mind let me know, I've got to go, I'll speak tomorrow. (I ended up going to A&E from not breathing right) I text her last night saying that I went to the Dr about chest cramps I'd been getting for weeks and what was wrong and she didn't bother replying.

I haven;t told her about the hospital as she has enough going on at the moment, I just don't know what to do, she's pushing herself away for some reason but I really don't want to lose her. Anyone with this sort of experience help me? And don't say forget her
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she's been diagnosed with depression, and takes meds for it. I think if like any previous time after a few days she'll be OK. But this is the 1st time she has never replied to my text. I'm supposed to be going out with her and her uncle Saturday. I was going to leave it till Friday and if she hasn't spoken to me by then ask if she still wants me to.

The night I got her no. is a exactly one year ago today so maybe this week may be hard for her due to a death or something. Just hope she comes round
Trying to be there for my depressive girlfriend
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