Why do some people think they're way better than everyone else?

Some people are a pain to deal with that's all I have to say. One of my friends are totally ignoring me. It's a pain and frankly I don't care if she's going to be an ignorant ****. but seriously, similar experiences? I just find it annoying...she just got mad because I talked to one of my ex's for a while and it was just talk. but I guess she was afraid I would get hurt.


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  • one of my new friends is doing the basically because I said no to him using my xbox 360 for 2 hours a day which turned out to be 10 hours a day, but actually made fun of because it broke, but I fixed it myself. Then he tried to use mine because his broke in the exact same way but he was just gonna use it ignore me as usual for people online for the next 4 weeks but, I said no not to day ( I was in a very crappy mood from the previous day because of him ) and since he has been holding a grudge since and since. On top of that he is best friends with the girl I love and is making that into a situation not because he knows how much I like her ( I stop trusting him long ago ) but because he knows how much she likes me so he is trying to stop her from talking to me or he tells her he is going to stop being friends with her, but she just talks to me behind his back but since he has been trying to destroy my other friendships also, but ended up destroying his because they really hung around because they thought we were still friends and I hung around because I thought they were hanging around him, but we all learned he was a spoiled Little child who wants everything his way and wants to be the one in control and found out he was talking about us all of us behind out back when he thought we were friends.

    I really wanted to end this long ago when he claimed his self as my best friend and was like he was the best thing that happened to me and that everyone hung around with me because of him. At least I have the last laugh I let him dig his on grave while I just sat back, but I have to thank him Me and her ended up finding out how we felt about each other. That my situation with someone like that there's a lot more to that whole situation but I gave the short version. Only thing is I came out confused I have to win her over from him without doing anything to win her over this is what she said and she believed that I could I am so confused about that.

    • Sorry didn't mean new friend I meant to say new ex freind.

    • Yeah I don't get it either, that girl is confusing lol. yeah I've chosen to ignore the friend who's ignoring me. I'm like whatever b*tch, she's got issues. I was just inviting her to go shopping with me or to th emovies, I just talked to my ex, nothing happened. yeah, I won't ever talk to her again.

    • Yeah were much better off without them.

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  • I tend to brush people who treat themselves as being 'better' than me or anyone else off. I stay away from them because I feel they're a bad influence on me. Just stay away from her~

  • You know if you can't tolerate a person's intolerance, guess what that makes you?

    Getting you head around this concept it basically your entire life's purpose from age zero to thirty.

  • She sounds like she's just a **** like you said I suppose. there's not other 4 letter word to describe her. just hang out with your other friends


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