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Ex-boyfriend is not acting like an ex. What is he doing?

My ex and I were together two and a half years. We had typical problems I'd say, nothing overwhelming or foreshadowing of the end.

First weekend of this month, about two weeks ago, he asked me if there would be a difference if we were dating or just friends. I said of course, I loved him and could never be just friends with him. This was all over the phone.

He said he had nothing to offer me anymore, that he was just worn out from carrying the relationship as he put it, but that he would always love me and care about me. When I asked why we couldn't work it out if he loves me so much and I was willing to give my all he said he just had nothing left to give. I asked if this was something we could work on after some time apart. He said maybe but he doesn't know because he can't see the future and doesn't know what will happen from now to then.

I pleaded my case, told him I could never be friends with him because it would hurt too much, that if he wanted me gone, I was gone for good. He said he wanted me in his life always.

I was very, very clear that this was not something I was willing to do, to be there for him to hangout with. I left him alone, waited for him initiate contact. He always asked me how I was, did I eat? I wasn't eating because I'd cry so hard I would end up in the bathroom puking my soul out.

Several days after, he invited me over to eat. I told him that was not a good idea as it would mean nothing to him but feeding a poor hungry girl. He insisted I come over. I did. We watched TV till really early in the morning. I slept in his bed and he slept on the couch. In the morning I got up to see if we could talk and he just acted like I wasn't there so I got my stuff together and walked out the door saying sorry for bothering him. He instantly texts me saying I wasn't bothering him and that he wanted me over, to come back. I went back thinking maybe he had something new to say and he went on again about him having nothing to give me. I left with even more heartache.

Fast forward to today, we've hung out several times with no pressure, had sex multiple times, all contact initiated by him. We've been talking over the computer mostly and it's as though we never broke up. We just don't talk about the breakup. Then last night he asked if he could come over. I asked why he would want to when he knew what it meant to me. He said "to see you." I just left it at that. He came over and we ordered a pizza and drank beer. Our typical "in a relationship" type night. We did not have sex.

We've showered together, gone to a movie, and now we are spending 3 days camping in the middle of nowhere. His idea. So I say I'm glad you're excited to go camping with me and he says of course he is, it's a great way to bond as friends. This stopped my heart. His actions show me he is working on getting us back but his words tell a different story.

What the hell is going on here? He says he is still here and not going anywhere...
Ex-boyfriend is not acting like an ex. What is he doing?
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