Are females naturally masochistic?

Let's discuss this issue inside out once and for all.

There's a widespread phenomena which makes no sense, girls liking "jerks" and ignoring "nice guys", while from my experience this is not entirely true by hundred percent, yet there are certain warning signs, I've noticed myself personally, when I pursue a girl and treat her well, I'm not going to be her priority while when I ignore a girl or even am rude to her, she's going to become way more interested!

Also plenty of absolutely terrible guys I used to know, who kept getting in trouble with the law, who abuse drugs and who even are ugly and fat as sh*t still get girlfriends!

Now about sex. Girls like it rough. The rougher the better! Some even want to be tied up, have their hair pulled or even imitate a rape! This is the only thing which adds up and makes some sense - girls are masochists! They enjoy pain, they hate being treated good!

Now why do I bother making this question in the first place? Because I couldn't mistreat a girl I like whether during a date or in bed, I couldn't hurt someone I'm supposed to love.

And I want to know whether such girls who are normal according to my standards are an overwhelming minority and hard to find while the most of girls are such pain-seeking, twisted creatures or maybe we all got it wrong and such phenomena is just a lie and if that so, what made us to believe it?
Are females naturally masochistic?
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