Ignored on my birthday..

On my birthday which is today, instead of going out or spending time with me, my girlfriend went out and is spending the day with her friends.

When I asked her if we could go out for my birthday, she said it was a weekday and she didn't want to be tired at work the next morning.

Right now I feel like breaking up with her, let her go and do whatever she wants.I always take time out for her birthday. because if she ain't gonna make an effort then we may as well not date anymore. what you guys reckon?

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Conclusion she ended up going to a club with her friends and got durnk AND got herself a nice little DUI.Needless to say NO SYMPATHY FROM ME WHATSOEVER!..I actually got a call from the Sacramento Downtown Jail this morning from her..saying she was sorry that she got all "caught up" in hanging out and partying and blah blah blah. She won't get out for another hour and a half. Oh well It wasn't a total loss at least her sister and parents took me out to dinner and we had a good time too:-)
Ignored on my birthday..
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