If a guy really likes you, he will ask you out. True?

If a guy really likes you, he will ask you out? True? Or do guys sometimes date (as gf/bf) girls because they're lonely or want to get over someone.

Kind of a two part question, but thanks


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  • he will at least ask you out or make a lot of efforts to be really close to you.

    sure he could be rebounding or just bored, especially when he's young. as a guy gets older I think he is more likely to think carefully before committing to someone. when you are young teens it's more of a game.


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  • Depends on the guy, some are shy and never let the girl know how he feels about her, so I would guess the others would ask the girl out. Sadly, some people are rebound gf/bfs, so yeah guys/girls do that.

    • How far could a rebound go

    • Until that person eventually loses interest or gets back with their ex (usually happens). Or until the rebound girlfriend/boyfriend starts to realize the shallowness of the relationship (rarely happens)

  • bullsh*t!, I don't get why it always has to be the guy to take charge


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  • Not necessarily.

    Some guys are shy and simply don't have the balls to do it.

    Last question,

    People could sometimes enter into a relationship for all of the wrong reasons so in some circumstances that can hold truth.