Why does he keep asking if we're friends?

I got hired at a job about 2 months ago and recently started talking with a guy who I work with. He's really outgoing and friendly but I'm a bit more reserved. During the first couple of weeks at work, he helped me out with how things are supposed to be, what I'm supposed to do and in return I would do him little favors. He also teases me quite often but I don't think of it as much since he sometimes does the same thing to other girls. Most times when he talks to women, you'd say he's flirting. But he has turned down the girls who have asked him out saying he's always busy with work and school. Anyways, he keeps asking me if we're friends. I mean I do talk to him and we do favors for each other but why does he feel the need to be asking if I'm his friend? We've both made it clear that we're not looking to start a new relationship. We're both equally as busy because I am also attending university to pursue a chemist as a career.



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  • maybe he thinks you hate him

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