Do guys like to hear I love you, when you're not in a relationship?

My best friend, my closest friend, (with benefits) is a guy. We've had this relationship now for over a year and a half and grow closer all the time. About a year ago I realized that I love him, that I am in love with him. It eats me up inside sometimes.

I am closer to him then anyone else he knows, know more about him than anyone else, other than his brother. Sometimes he pushes me away when that closeness bothers him, but I'll call him out and tell him to stop being a grump or jerk. I'm one of the few people that will put up with his jerkness and call him out on it. I knew he wasnt looking for a relationship, and he still isn't, I'm not either, but I really want to tell him that I love him. Not being able to eats me up sometimes and drives me into a depression.

Do guys like to hear from people in their lives that they love them?

Its not even I love you I want to be your girl I love you. I just want to tell him in a general every day kind of I love you.

The other thing that bothers me is that, he told me a few months ago that he would start being a better friend to me, but I can rarely actually get him to to something with me. Yeah, we text and all, talk on our game, talk at work. If working in the same area we will spend our lunch hour together, but sometimes I get the feeling that he is afraid to actually spend time with me.

His divorce (before I met him) and marriage were rough, and he has told me things about his life in high school that were awful that I think affected his life, and I am pretty sure that when his parents got divorced at a young age for him, affected him negatively too. Would all this make him confused in the head about how to treat people who are special to him and he wants in his life? (these are things he has told me, that I am special and he wants me in his life)

Do guys like to hear I love you, when you're not in a relationship?
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