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This is for girls that have experience with players, are we really?

ugh! damn this! look, i'll admit, I'm 1 of those guys. I'm 17 by the way . now, I don't believe in hitting girls back. and I don't know any kind of martial arts at all. but I'm athletic, and have always believed my reflexes are really good. but I've had 2 different really cute girls at different times that I've played (and several other times half joking) who've EASILY slapped my face-URRRGH! what FRUSTRATES me is that I know a lot of guys that aren't players in any way, and I've seen girls (though I gotta admit, it's always been in a joking way) try to slap their faces, and those guys NEVER flinch, they calmly (always gently) catch her slap hand, or block it out softly. but I CAN'T, AWGH! this really sucks bad!! they give me that mad face, lips bunched up and whoooosh... right hand flips back and *SLAP!*or they go "UGH?" and have this disgusted face and whoosh... right hand out, *SLAP* on the cheek, and all I can do is stand there stuck, shocked at her right hand smack flipped outside to slap me, or frozen like a statue, cuz of her face, her looks, uGGGH! I just shut my eyes cuz I'm shocked... I'm not ltting it happen BUT I CAN'T MOVE, damn this! they don't telegraph any signs at all when they slap players, I never see any, ughh! how come it seems like guys that aren't players can catch/block slaps from girls, but we CAN'T? have you girls had any experience with this? you notice this too? are guys that are players easier to slap that guys that aren't? WHY?
This is for girls that have experience with players, are we really?
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