Do you think food that is homemade from scratch would taste better and be better for you then food you buy at the store?

Through YouTube I have learning that there are alternative ways to make almost any food you think of. Things like ice cream made from frozen bannas through a food processer, Spaghetti made from flat dough, salad dressing from olive oil and vinager.
So I was wondering if anyone on here has a lifestyle where they try to make there own food.
Do you think it is healthier, and better tasteing?
And how about the cost?


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  • i think it does, i started eating only homecooked somali meals from scratch a couple months back and i've lost a ton of weight, my acne cleared up and i feel much healthier. even if i want junk food, i just make it from scratch.

  • Yes, usually.

  • Yeah it's def way healthier. It's lower on calories, you know what your putting in your food and don't have all these additives and preservatives in it.


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