Am I the only person who loves pasta?

Of course I know others do, but if I could eat pasta all the time and not gain weight I would be the happiest person. Anyone else could eat it all the time? What's your favorite?


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  • I'm Italian, honey. I live and breathe pasta.

    Favourite pasta? Farfalle. Favourite sauce? Pesto cream (I have to fake it with almond milk because of my allergy situation but it's still awesome).

    • I think I may be because pasta is like my life lol. I've never had farfalle. I love lasagna and Alfredo :) I may have to try that tho. I haven't found an Italian food I don't like lol.

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    • I don't either so I probably won't like that dish.

    • There's one with peas that's a little better but it's still not my favourite. No idea what that one's called.

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