What stores sell Buchanan 12? Or buchanan alcohol? I want to buy my godfather his favorite bottle but can't find it? any help?

I've looked at some stores that sell alcohol like target, walmart, jewels and other stores, I even went to some cornervous stores as well. And I can only find the bottles online. But I do not trust it, what stores sells buchanan 12 or any type of buchanan.


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  • Buchanan is not a drink its the name of a Whisky Brand...

    • And a very expensive one... i just looked in a online shop... Buchanan Scotch Whiskey costs
      75 $

    • Yes I knew it was the brand, there's different ones for different years like 12,15, exc. But he likes any year just as long as it's a buchanan I'm not worried about the price. But I haven't been able to find it in stores. Only online I didn't want to ask him because then he will probably wonder and figure out in trying to get him some

    • google for a special whiskey shop... im pretty sure u find some of those

      and.. whiskey is like wine... the older the better ;)

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  • Just purchase it online if you can, a reliable store google and review it! I have no idea other than that.


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  • If you live in a city, check net for a nearby wine merchants or whisky bonder, they will have a wider range of alcohol products for sale than general stores.

  • Just try online.


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