Can factory farms be organic? Are organic dairy cows entitled to grase on pastures? Do food additives and/or snythic chemical have a place in organic?

My awnser to all these is no yes and no what's your? ( ps there should be a food at the end before the question mark but I didn't have room for the word food )


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  • yes, they can be organic. the only stipulation is that no synthetic additives or pesticides are used.

    • Ironically they do use synthetic and additives unfortunaly :(

  • It is a process and the farm probably won't be labelled organic until totally organic. I would presume organic dairy produce comes from grazing cows. If they additives are in anyway artificial then I don't think they are organic. I have a feeling they are really strict about that because it is more expensive and needs to be proven to be organic.


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