Food or Coffee?

What is your natural pick when it comes to food and coffee? Do you normally always have some food nearby or would you rather down some coffee?

I'm the type that can go without eating if I have some coffee. Just waking up? Grab some Joe. Mid-morning snack? Fill'er up! Lunch? You betcha. Sometimes I get so busy and don't want to stop and eat, so I just reach for the coffee, with creamer, of course! I don't deal with that plain stuff.

Don't worry your pretty little head. I don't do this every day. I'm fact, I do eat pretty healthy and exercise. ;]
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  • From those two, rather coffee... however I've recently cut back on my coffee consumption by 80% or so. I was too nervous with all these stimuli in my body :o
    Now I'm drinking water and decafeinated coffee.
    I've never been a comfort eater, so food is not something I'd grab when nervous. I'd rather go grab fresh air, that helps in such cases :D


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  • As much as I love coffee I'll pick food, although really I can get by on either one alone. You can get food at every single coffee shop anyway, so I almost always have both.

  • I probably have 5/6 mugs of tea/coffee a day so would really miss it whereas I only eat 1/2 a day

  • In the morning, coffee > food
    When it's no longer the morning,. food > coffee

    This is why I'll forever be chub.


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