Where can I get safe edibles?

If you are not sure what kind of edibles I am speaking of, its those of which that contain weed. I am 18, I have smoked before, not heavy but enough, I enjoy it accept for the smell it leaves behind, I considered doing edibles (Not i do not get high often however I have had a certain wanting for it lately, been months since i've done anything I am no pot head). however i have a fear of purchasing and edible off someone. reason being is that My technically ex boyfriend/friends with benefits/ a lot off unsure stuff, was texting me one night and went ghost, reason being is he ate two brownies he bought off someone, it hit him so hard he was taken to the hospital by his sister and was told that he over dosed or well almost did. he was told he was also dehydrated and basically had a mini stroke. I'm not sure if all of this is accurate but his sister informed me he wasn't in good shape. anyway i am afraid of someone putting a bad amount and that I will end up by him. I know you can overdosed with edibles. I found a spot in my city (Chicago) that makes them however another friend reviewed them as bad and a waste of money and the place never replied to me. Where can I get edibles that are reliable and safe? whether it is online or it is in chicago itself?


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