Is Hennessey considered cheap liqour?

What do you consider cheap liqour I haven't drank before but am curious if any of the following are considered cheap?
Hennessey, Jack Daniels, Patron, barcardi (I think I spelled this one wrong)?
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  • Cheap... is a relative term. Would I recommend any of them? No. If you haven't drank before you're not likely to be taking pulls from the bottle or going to appreciate good liquor to begin with. If anything you're going to be adding it to some sort of mixer, and probably too much mixer. Stick to bargain brands until you develop a pallet.


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  • Bacardi* and I don't know I would really consider $20 and up to be cheap. And yes they are nasty (all liquor is) that's why you mix em lol


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  • In the UK Hennessey is garbage branded brandy, jack d is bourbon not whisky patron... wtf? And Bacardi is college girl party booze. You'll get buzzed on any of this crap though so drink whatever if that's the end goal. If you are buying a gift then none of these are suitable for over 18s.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's a cheap cognac...

    • I don't buy those brands, they really aren't good.

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    • I'm sorry you feel that way. It's still poor quality.

    • Lol, okay.

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