First time drinking, how bad will it hit me?

So I have never drank and was curious to try some sake.. yes I am an adult (22 years old.) but I live with my parents. They are 100% against alcohol. So I'm wondering how much does it take to drink in order to get really messed up? I don't want to because I don't want to do something stupid! Just an amount to feel a buzz or numb!
It's 14.7% alcohol. First time drinking, how bad will it hit me?


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  • Depends on a lot of factors. Your body mass index plays a large part, as well as your genetics; typically people of East Asian and Native American descent don't handle alcohol as well as other races.

    Since this is your first time, it probably won't take much Sake to get you buzzed. If it's your first time tasting alcohol, you might wanna get some water to chase it down. Sake in my experience can be pretty strong.

    • Oh I'll be sure to keep that on the side then thanks!

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  • Personally I wouldn't get crunk on some sake, but to each their own.
    Body weight plays a big part in determining whether you're a lightweight or not.
    I'm 135lbs but I handle alcohol better than most of my friends who weigh somewhere between 146-168. I'm not actually sure "why" but they claim it's because I'm German. Eh, live your best life. Go for broke; post results.

  • Body weight is key. But generally one beer, or one shot, or one glass of wine per hour is ok. More than that depends on you. Unless somewhere safe do not do more than four an hour and stop after five. This will allow you time to see. Drink water and advil before sleeping

    • I'm 117 pounds if that helps? Yeah I was just planning to drink it alone in my room with some music

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    • Aw damn. That's the reason I wanted to try it too. Haha!. The phone I can understand!.. many people have done that to me haha!. Well thank-you very much

    • Have fun

  • Sake isn't too bad. Eat some carbs before you drink or while you drink. Remember to stay hydrated.

  • I am not sure


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