Ever try one of those grow your own mushroom sawdust block kits?

So slow. I've since learned the correct way to deal with those badboys is to dump it outside and forget about it until spring. :)


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  • Nope but I grow much rooms sha talk e


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  • No I haven't. I have a garden and use wood chips to keep down the weeds, as well as to eventually break down and feed the soil. I have thought about adding mushrooms to those wood chips, in order to harvest some easy mushrooms, and quicken the decomposition of the wood chips, but couldn't find any information on doing that. Is that similar to what you did?

    • You can buy a fully myc'd out sawdust block online and it will fruit shiitakes. For you, if you bury one of those in a pile of sawdust or wood chips you can start ur own mushroom field in a corner of ur garden.

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