Favourite Bubblegum?

What is your favourite flavor and brand of bubblegum? ;P

I love original bubblicious, because I can blow huge bubbles with it!


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  • I don't really eat it. You are lucky you don't live in Singapore!

    • Haha, thank goodness they don't ban it here in America. xD

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    • Yeah, they made it illegal except for certain types of gum. But for the most part it's illegal over there sadly..

    • Yes, I heard about this man in Singapore and he would smoke on his apartment balcony and then throw the cigarette butt over the balcony. He threw 33 butts over the edge in about 3 or 4 days. He did not know it was all on CCTV and the police knocked on his door and gave him a fine of $33,000.

  • I never tried it


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