Coffee shops and tender feelings, don't you like finding somewhere that feels just right to relax?

I have found a new coffee shop! Okay, pardon me, that is wrong... Although I do love coffee shops! But this time, I found a tea shop!! Now, this usually wouldn't be that great because I always thought I didn't like tea... But boy, was I wrong about that!! So anyway, I found this sweet tea shop that is cozy and just feels homey, I loved it! It's called "Chá e Chocolate" which means "Tea and chocolate". I had cherry tea and this big ass chocolate chip cookie that was DELICIOUS!

So tell me, what are your go to places, like coffee shops, tea shops, etc, where you just get a sense of comfort and coziness?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I go to coffee shops/cafes almost every day to work. The background noise actually helps me be more productive.

    Another bonus is that there is an endless stream of beautiful women that go in and out of the place all day long, much more attractive than looking at an office wall.


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  • I couldn't feel cozy or comfy in any public place. Since people can hear you and see most of what you're doing.

    • I was the only one there with my friend for most of it, it wasn't crowded at all! But I get that :)

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