Where can I find seedless watermelons?

I really can’t stand those fucking seeds. I have to spit after every bite.


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  • Some grocery stores will carry watermelons with the seeds removed. It depends on where you live, though.

    • Oh damn I see. I don't live in a first world country, so I'm fucked up I guess.

    • Guess you'll just have to pick them out yourself. 😕

    • Actually the last watermelon I bought had seeds but they were smaller. Still annoying though.

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  • seedless watermelons are usually smaller than seeded ones, plus they are sometimes labeled but that doesn't mean your not going to find undeveloped seeds

    • Smaller... got it.

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    • dont get me wrong not all seedless watermelons are unhealthy, anyhoo its easier to look it up over the internet

    • I believe some people overcare about health. That's my thought.

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