I've done a couple of food myTakes before, but now I'm wondering if I should do another food myTake. Should I do another food myTake?

I was thinking about making one on brownies, or working on something a bit more savory.


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  • Keep doing them, but I would take a different approach, since most people aren't gonna make those recipes.
    It'd be good if you went out and tried new food and then give them a review. Or talk about a certain cuisine, like go to a Greek or Ethiopian restaurant (for example) and rate the food. I think that would be more fun and interesting for you and for the readers.
    It's obviously more work than what you've been doing, but I think it's better.

    • That would cost money that I don't have, and I also doubt they'd actually go out and go to the places I've reviewed either. .-.

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    • I'm thinkin'. xD

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  • Go for it, but it would be a great improvement if you showed us your attempt at the recipe (if those photos you used were your work, i do apolgise). Especially through each step.

    • My kitchen's a mess which is why I don't post my photo's, but my results end up looking the same.

    • Fair enough 😊. Id say something savoury then for your next take then a meaty of pie of some kind? Gotta remember it's GaG so there won't be many people who have culinary skills here, its gotta be kept fairly basic.

      Ale's suggestion would be cool too, i love greek food personally xD.

  • Why not, what's the harm

    • Because they usually get like 2 comments.

    • So?
      If you have the time, knowledge and the effort then go ahead.

      If no reads it no harm done
      If people love it, everyone's happy

    • No harm done, but time still wasted.

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