Gaggers! What's your food/snack addiction?

I'm addicted to chips XD I can have them all day everyday XD. Actually I do eat chips everyday XD. So many choices. I'll even stand there and for the ones I've tried I'll imagine it in my mouth and think... what's gonna make me happy tonight? XD. Hmm spicy... or bbq ish? Cheesy? Shit! Gaggers! What's your food/snack addiction?
And I feel like someone addicted to crack XD. Chips are just too damn good!.Gaggers! What's your food/snack addiction?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well when I have chips with you around you should...

    Mind your eyes


    no but seriously for me its chips and salsa. Chips by themselves are too bland

    • Daaaaaaayuuum you definitely got me there XD!. But I can't mind my eyes! ._.
      Oooo chips n salsa never fails XD

    • Oh OK :p

      And yeah never fails. Always great for a party

Most Helpful Girl

  • Hahah, that cartoon picture made me laugh so hard. I would say mine is ICE CREAM!!!

    I go crazy for that thing. Its actually my weakness. And when I get mad at someone, they bring me an ice cream and all is well. My father knows of this weakness of mine and uses it against me all the time :/


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