What foods are you willing to GIVE UP eating in exchange for a sexy body?

Give 2 foods you're willing to give up FOREVER in exchange for a sexy body.
Here's mine:
1. Sausages
2. Rice
Please choose from the FOODS YOU LIKE.
It's like a sacrifice.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Fast food burgers and pizza

    It better be the sexiest bod ever though.

    • Now that's a sacrifice right there. Cos I can't imagine myself giving up burgers and pizza. Lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. lololol! I was so about to put foods I hate XD

    Ok, retry

    1. Mandarin chicken from Gardein
    2. Twix bars

    Ok, that was a moderate sacrifice.

    if I could have the HOTTEST bod I can dream of and it stays that way well into my 40's and 50's
    1. Ice cream
    2. Fried tofu


    • Ice cream was one of my choices too, but then just thinking about not eating them anymore makes me sad. So no, I couldn't. Haha

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    • thanks for mhg, lol, update if you try that mystical ice cream

    • Yeah sure! Tell me if u did too 👍

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  • How about I choose from the foods that I don't like? 😂 I won't give up anything FOREVER, but I will give up some foods temporarily or just watch my serving sizes. You don't have to completely cut out everything, but you do need to limit to yourself to how often and how much unhealthy foods you eat regardless of whether you want a "sexy" body or not.

    • Yes yes. But the question is just for fun. 😁 if you are going to sacrifice eating two of the favorites foods you like for something you really want, what are those gonna be?

    • Definitely NOT pizza, salads, fruit, veggies or meat haha. And probably not Icecream and chocolate either. 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻

  • I gave up a 2 liter of soda a day habit a few months ago. I drank 2 liters of coke daily for the past 4 years. So I would say that lol. That and sweets in general.

    • Like chocolates? Oh yeah, i could give up soda too. 2 liters daily? Thank goodness you didn't develop diabetes.

    • Right? I weigh 170 and my doctor can't believe I don't have another 50 pounds hanging off of me. Other than needing to lose like 20-30 pounds in fat, there's nothing wrong with my health lol.

    • Good for you because you can develop diabetes with that habit. Lol.

  • None, I can eat what I want and still lose weight lol

  • I gave up chocolate cakes, nutella and pizza lol. Still eating them, but on occasion.

  • for some reason I feel like I wouldn't like the body.

    Assuming a sexy body would be just my body but my tummy a bit more toned, and that's it no other change to it, I would give up potato chips

  • snails, turttles, ducks, alligators, dogs, cats, horses yep i dobt eat them anyway so :PpP

  • not cookies, i like them too much.

  • Asparagus

  • Nothing really. I eat healthy most of the time and one day a week, i'll really just pig out lol


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