I've never drank before, but I kinda want too. But my grandfather was an alcoholic... Should I be worried. Please help me?

I'm 19, female, not that it really matters of I'm male or female, but whatever lol. Anyway, I am now legal drinking age for where I live.

I have never drank any alcohol, except for one sip of cherry whisky. That's it.

My parents pouded it into my head that alcohol is "the devil" and never to touch it. But I honestly don't think it's that bad. When I told my parents that, I was informed that my grandfather (on my mothers side) used to be an alcoholic. I don't really know how to react to that.

-Does that hat mean if I drink I will become an alcoholic as well?
-How concerned should I be?
-If I decide to drink how much is to much?
-How do I know my limits?

I don't want to drink a lot. Maybe just socially. Like a drink here and there.

Also- what should I drink?
Wine? Beer? Rum? What? Lol.

Thanks for your help!


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  • The predisposition to addiction (alcoholism in this case) IS genetic, so there is definitely a real risk.

    EVERY addict starts off believing they are drinking or using drugs or whatever for FUN - to have a good time. NONE of them think they'll ever have a problem - but many, many of them quickly do.

    People who aren't genetically predisposed to alcoholism can have one or two drinks every so often and stop drinking because they've decided they're done, and they can get totally smashed sometimes, and drinking has little negative effect on them.

    Addicts take a few sips and they can't stop until they're wasted - and then they need to get wasted again ASAP. They can't stop - they tell themselves that they don't WANT to stop, but the truth is that they usually can't even though they eventually want to stop.

    I can't tell you what will happen to you - maybe someday soon there will be a test - but you can avoid the risk entirely by not drinking. Choosing not to drink won't kill you - heck, it won't even prevent you from having fun or having friends, even if they drink.

    Your parents lived through alcoholism, and so they've seen what it can do to people. One of my best friends lost 27 years to alcoholism, so I've seen it too. He's been sober for 2 years, but he's a shell of who he was, and most of his potential has been squandered by the bottle.

    I'm not suggesting that this is everyone's experience - obviously it isn't - but if there is a known risk, it's at least worth thinking carefully about...


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  • if you drink I would start really small. Like shot of vodka once a month with a mix of pineapple juice, that was my first drink and I did it when I was 22 and in Thailand with some group of colleagues. Now if you get older and have a love interest, I would recommend buying moscato wine or however you spell it. One bottle should last you about three months, I barely drink if you couldn't tell. My parents were non-alcoholics and I grew up not drinking much.


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  • You could always give it a shot and see what happens. Though if you should wake up pantless next to some old guy with rubber underwear and no teeth, you'll have to hang it up! It might be wiser just to skip it altogether.

  • u won't become an alcoholic.
    u shouldn't be concerned
    every1 is different, but after 1 or 2 you will feel a change, cause it is a drug. so take it easy the first few times. You will puke and hate life if you get drunk for the first time. your limit should be a couple, and drink slow. 1 beer an hour or somin.
    I love vodka, but I drink a lot of beer too. Unfortunelty, anything "good" is expensive.

  • You shouldn't be too concerned, you should just take it easy, be sensible and aware of your feelings! Just drink whatever takes your fancy, but probably start off with the weaker stuff like beer or cider or alcopops.

  • If you treat alcohol as nothing more than a social thing to relax and ease tension and enjoy people's company more, it can be quite nice and arguably have even positive effects on your social life.

    It can become dangerous if you are prone to depression, self-destructive behavior, etc. where you can end up drinking yourself to oblivion and doing some things you really regret.

    If you do decide to try it, I'd recommend cocktails. Wine and beer are an acquired taste and probably won't appeal to you for quite some time.

    Some good ones that are very easy on the tongue would be a pina colada, margarita, mojito, mudslide (dessert drink). These kinds of tropical and fruity kind of ones tend to be really easy to drink.

    When you start, you should really be sure to be around a group of people you trust, maybe girlfriends, since you need to learn your limit and how to properly control and moderate yourself (enough to have fun, not enough to turn into a total blabbering idiot).

    • Another thing to remember is that alcohol can have a delayed effect. You might drink a bunch of drinks in a short period of time and feel totally fine, only to then, within an hour or so, find you can barely stand. As a result, it's better to drink slowly and let time do its thing before you get aggressively hammering down drinks.

  • just drink until you get drunk, you won't become an alcoholic and make sure your at a party or something.


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  • Firstly alcoholism isn't genetic.
    Secondly drink whatever you try and like?
    as for how much well it depends how your tolerance is

  • If you're responsible with it you should be just fine.

  • Good for you for making it this far! <3 I'm in a similar situation as you. I'm also 19 and I've never been drunk before. I do drink wine all the time though. I always just have very little to make sure I don't get drunk. If you drink that won't mean you'll become an alcoholic as well. I do understand where your parents are coming from though. If I were you I would not drink until I'm sure I'm comfortable. I think something good to start with is beer or wine, but very little


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