Are there dishes that don't need time to seat after cooking it fully?

Dishes that need time to seat. e. g. burgers?

Or do they all just taste better after some time after the stove/oven/bbq?


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  • The reason you let food sit is because almost all things that are cooked have a sort of sweet spot when the flavors are at their best. Some things are best cold. But Generally speaking, the hotter something is, the less you're actually tasting.

    If you learn how to make pasta with butter really well, you should eat that immediately after.

    The best way to cook it is to have butter cut up on a plate on standby as your pasta is finishing up. You strain it and make sure the water is drained well but you have to get that pasta onto the butter fast as hell. The idea here is to have the pasta as hot as possible so that it can melt the butter. Then you want to add some Olive Oil. You absolutely do not want to do this with just any olive Oil. If you use shit olive oil, you are gonna end up with a disappointment soaking in buttery failure.


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  • Shellfish such as crabs and lobsters. It doesn't taste as good when it gets cold.

  • I normally eat right after it gets done cooking


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