What the hell. Who thinks this is even a bearable breakfast?

A cup of Oolong Men instant noodles (seafood) and 2 hard boiled eggs cut and dropped in?
To be fair - this is no reflection of my cooking abilities - just the fact I just pulled a double shift, then a night shift and am into my next double - some 38 hours at work solid. Just wanted to stir some action...
Ok - for anyone who really wanted to know - it was edible from a I ate it perspective -
But Nongoshim products have been poor quality since they moved their production too the US, and I am not sure that seafood and hard boiled egg was the perfect combination... it is a little strange with the strips of seaweed...


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  • It all depends what your Stomach feels like in the morning, @Walrus_au.
    I have known people who work a night shift and in the early Hours, Have Steak and eggs.
    I prefer something Light if it is early and I am home, like a Rice pudding cup. However, later in the morning, when my tummy has woke up, I might have a dab of peanut butter and even a Crab meat stick.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, dear, for the Vote of Confidence, and up and at it right now, going to grab my pudding cup. xxoo

    • Today I'm going more traditional - a late shift, so cold cerial and peanut butter toast!

    • Wow, I have Cereal and buttered toast for dinner when I am not too hungry.. enjoy, hun!! xxoo

Most Helpful Guy

  • sounds so hot, better then what i can cook. no just kidding lol.

    • and for the ultimate in lazyness and convenience, I used the egg boiling water to hydrate/cook the noodle-cup... One pot cooking!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!

    • thats what i call efficient lol.

    • Efficiency rocks - well - it probably does, I generally suck at efficiency...

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  • noodles as breakfast? really? -_-'' nope

  • Not for me.


What Guys Said 3

  • Depends on national habit, I can not bear poland's.
    They said noodle+strawberry. And I feel awaful about Canada's too:(

  • Kids that starve each day, would be my guess

  • not bad


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