I tried lots of different non-animal milks. Are there any which are not completely vomitatious?

Those I tried (and that I will never taste again)

Almond milk
Coconut milk
Soy milk
Avena milk
Rise milk

I'm on diet, and I'm trying to reduce the animal thingy, is there anything that actually could taste similar to goat/cow/sheep milk but it is not animal milk?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I drink vanilla rice milk. Tastes good to me. You've pretty much eliminated every variety of milk, so don't know what's left for you. My only advice would be to perhaps not drink it straight, but to mix it with something like a smoothie or a cereal or in your coffee.

    • Mmmmh... well, of course I take cappucino, that's my breakfast :D But I guess I'll try :/

Most Helpful Guy

  • No, you have to deal with it. That said, consider drinking chocolate soy milk. My wife and I often drink Silk chocolate milk with double the protein. Most of those other plant-based "milks", like almond milk, are reall just water with some almond crap in them. Soy, though, is used in a lot of drinks that aren't even milk. In particular, consider drinking fermented soy products.

    • Ah, yeath, that was the least wanted :/ I hate the taste of soy :(

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  • Make almond milk yourself, it's delicious. The milk you buy is gross.

    • Mmmm... maybe I'll try, but I don't have many hopes about it. The one which I bought made me puke for about 2 hours for how much disgusting it was.

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  • soya milk


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