Where would you have to live to not have to take suplument?

so I live in Washington state having to take a hole bunch of suplument pills that I really don't want to take I'd rather get my Vitamins Naturely from what I eat and stuff I'd also like to not have to take vitamin D suplument or have to sit under fake light I do suffer from seasonal depression from constant rain we've gotten probley 4 days of sun with in the last 2 months April was nice but rain before that and nothing but rain after i. It's quiet depressing so where would I have to life to get the vitamin A B's C D Omaha 3 and all the fun stuff cuz clearly I don't get it up here so where can I get them naturally with out having to pop pill


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  • Florida or somehere sunny


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  • Eastern WA haha.

    • Used to live over there still have to take to take supplements not the vitamin D one but then omega-3's and all that stuff yeah it's fun

    • Just eat fish lmao
      Salmon has omega 3.

    • You would have to eat wild salmon we feed farm raised salmon corn which unfortunately which significantly deludes The omega-3's and produces and other nutrients we get form it and all I didn't NATO's are allowed to catch wild salmon I've been doing research on it

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