What are some easy low sodium dinners?

So yesterday was my first time taking care of my grandma. She's not able to do much for herself anymore even though she thinks she can. Which has led her to the hospital way too many times. So my dad and my aunts and uncles have been taking shifts in the mornings and the evenings with her. And now I'm helping.

One thing I was told was to watch what I make for her to eat because she can't have a lot of sodium. And I can't think of much I could make that may work.

Any low sodium recipes someone can share?


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  • It depends -how low- you need to go.

    Most sodium in most people's diets isn't being directly added as salt - it's in prepared foods. Soups, sauces, breads etc you buy are often loaded with salt, since it's cheap, adds flavor, and acts as a preservative.

    If you're actually cooking from scratch, you're probably lowish sodium right there unless you're directly using a ton.

    • I usually make soups from scratch and everything, plus I'm trying to do more home made stuff since she doesn't eat a lot as it is. Yesterday I got her a roast beef sub from the deli which worked but I don't really want to just buy her food like that every time I come over :/

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  • Vegetable soup homemade with some whole meal bread is really good I would make it for my grandmother because she has to watch her salt and sugar intake. She loves it I would put in carrots, parsnip, leeks onion, potatoes and one vegetable stock. I would boil until the vegetables were soft and then blend it all.


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  • Cook fresh and don't put salt in it. Piece of cake.


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